Unusual furniture

Fiery, cowboy-like, full of passion - that's the furniture world of Sarah Maier.

Elegant matched veneer on an attractive piece of furniture is no coincidence, because the search for the veneer tree used to make it was like the proverbial search for the needle in the haystack: Only around 200 wood species can be used for the production of veneer – and there are around 40,000 species worldwide. And only a few conceal the fine structures required for veneer inside them. Years of experience are needed to recognise the potential of a tree. You literally have to have X-ray eyes to be able to see inside the tree trunk.

Only experts who have spent years examining the individual look and the resulting deductible properties of trees can recognise the "inner values" of the timber. They also have to consider for which matched veneer the individual sections of a tree could be most suitable. From this they have an overall picture, on the basis of which the decision is made whether to fell the tree or not. After choosing the tree and transporting it to their company the thickness of the veneer is defined. Now a decision has to be made whether to peel or slice – and here there are in turn all kinds of different methods, which are ultimately decisive for the subsequent appearance of the best part of the tree. At the end of this selection process there is a fine veneer, a natural product with interesting surface patterns, whose variety and colouring are unique.

Sarah Maier

Making living and working a special experience, searching for meaningful and timeless solutions: This is the great passion and art of Sarah Maier.

The veneer is then used to finish all kinds of different products. These include, for example, pianos or concert grands, the interiors of high-quality cars, aircraft and boats, the interiors of apartments and houses, stylish designer furniture and exclusive loudspeakers for high-end enthusiasts, as well as veneered doors or on a smaller scale, backgammon made with veneer intarsia, a mousepad or most recently, a smartphone cover.